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How to Properly Maintain Your Golf Cart

Summer is here and that means many men and women will be spending more time out on the links exploring new as well as familiar courses and improving their game along the way. Just as golfers get a workout each day of play, so does their golf cart. Golf carts work hard for us. They do, however, need some basic care to ensure they will last for several golfing seasons.

Golf cart maintenance is made simple when simple things are checked and cleaned often and regularly. By setting a schedule for check-ups and doing some basic clean-up and study of your small engine vehicle, your golf cart will last for several golf seasons.

Create A Maintenance Schedule

Keeping your golf cart in good working order can be accomplished by giving some of its basic functions a simple weekly check-up. If you golf every day, you may want to consider checking items more frequently. The objective of setting a maintenance schedule is to help you remember to give the cart time and attention on a regular basis.

Below are some basic items that should be checked during a regular weekly maintenance schedule.

Clean The Battery

Dirt can have an impact the usability of a golf cart. Dirt, dust and grass do not hurt but they can interfere with the battery connections leaving the cart under-powered. Spilled battery acid has the same affect. Cleaning the top and sides of the battery along with the cart itself is important to the long-term life of the cart as well as its day to day performance.

Water Levels

It is important that you check the electrolyte water levels in each cell of the batteries because the leaded plates in the battery must be submerged in order for it to work properly. Check the water levels weekly and refill them as needed using distilled water. The owner's manual will indicate how full the cells should be for your golf cart model. Take the appropriate safety precautions when doing this by wearing gloves and goggles.

Connection Check

Again, a golf cart runs on the power of several batteries that work together through connecting cables. These cables should be checked weekly for corrosion or debris. The connections and the battery caps should also be tightened if needed. Damaged connectors can be change by yourself or you can take it in for professional repair. Keeping these connections in quality condition is vital to keeping a golf cart running smoothly and at its top performance potential.

Beyond Weekly Maintenance

Golf cart owners should also plan a major check-up every three months. The golf cart's break system, suspension, engine and tires can be thoroughly looked at, cleaned and fixed as needed during these visits. Conducting these thorough checks a few times a year and before a cart is put away for the winter will help catch any major functionality problems early to better save you time and money.

Golf carts work hard for us every year. They also make the sport of golf a little more fun. Take some time to help ensure that you golf cart lasts as long as you need them.

~Ben Anton, 2008


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